Dear Józsefváros Resident!

I am András Pikó, a dedicated member of the C8 Civic Association and your mayor since 2019. Having called Józsefváros my home for two decades, I believe the 8th district needs an independent mayor who represents our interests and does not follow the commands of the government party, Fidesz.

If you are a resident of the 8th district and you are not sure where to vote, and who is the representative of our team, just write your adress in the search box and you will see the name of the representative and the place where you can vote on the 9th of June:

Why vote for me?

For over four years, I have worked hard to create greener streets, cleaner sidewalks, affordable housing and a community-focused municipality. As a former journalist, I have taken time to listen and respond to the concerns of Józsefváros residents. 

Józsefváros is a melting pot of diversity, with over 9,000 foreigners living here. Join me in building an inclusive, vibrant, socially inclusive and green district that embraces our differences.

Election Day for the next local elections: June 9, 2024

Exercise your democratic rights by casting your vote in the upcoming municipal elections.


If you're a Hungarian or EU citizen or you have refugee, immigrant, settled or long-term resident status, you are over 18 and have an official address in the 8th district, you are eligible to vote in the municipal elections. Click to learn more!

Who has the right to vote?

In the municipal elections (of mayors and members of the local assembly): People with the following residence permits/statuses can vote if they have a Hungarian address card:

  • EU citizens (if they are registered residents in Hungary)
  • refugees
  • immigration permit (’bevándorlási engedély’)
  • permanent residence permits (’letelepedési engedélyek’)
  • temporary residence card (’ideiglenes tartózkodási kártya’)
  • national residence card (’nemzeti tartózkodási kártya’)
  • EU residence card (’EU tartózkodási kártya’)

If you have the right to vote and you have a Hungarian address card, you will be automatically registered for the municipal elections and you don’t need to take any action.

If you only have a ‘szállásbejelentő lap’ or accommodation reporting form (a white piece of paper), you cannot get a Hungarian ID card or an address card.

When are the next elections in Hungary?

Hungary will hold the municipal and European Parliamentary elections on the same day on June 9, 2024.

Who can I vote for?

At the municipal elections, you can vote for

  • the local mayor of Józsefváros (8th district) and
  • the person who will represent your voting district in the local assembly of Józsefváros (8th district) and
  • the mayor of Budapest and
  • the party lists of members of the Budapest assembly.

Where can I vote?

To vote in the municipal elections, go to a polling station on Sunday, June 9. You will get a letter from the National Election Office before the elections that informs you about the address of your polling station (it will be near your house). You can check the address of the polling station online at valasztas.hu.

If you can’t go to the polling station due to your health condition, you can request a mobile ballot box. Submit the application for a mobile ballot box at magyarorszag.hu, by mail or in person.

What happens at the polling station?

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, go to your polling station between 6 am and 7 pm.

You will have to prove your identity by showing your Hungarian ID and address card if you are not an EU citizen voter. EU citizens can prove their identity by showing their national ID card or passport, and the Hungarian address card.

You will have to sign the voter register.

You will get the ballots for all the elections in which you are entitled to vote.

Go to the polling booth and choose one person/party on each ballot. Voters can take their phones to the polling booth so you can use a photo translator app (e.g. Google Lens) if you need help to understand the ballots, or if you do not read Hungarian (Latin) letters.

Put the filled-out ballots in the ballot box!

More information: valasztas.hu

How do I get the address card (lakcímkártya)?

 You have to register your address at the Government Window (’Kormányablak’). You can register a permanent address (‘lakóhely’) and a temporary address (‘tartózkodási hely’). If you have an ID card for foreigners, you have to have at least a permanent address. If you are an EU (or EEA + Switzerland) citizen or the family member of such citizen, you also have to register at least a permanent address.

You have to fill out a form and prove that you have the right to register at the address where you live, with one of the following:

  • the landlord signs the form or
  • you attach the lease agreement (rent contract).

Where do I get the address card?

Go to the Government Window (’Kormányablak’) in person to get the form and take the proof of your right to register (e.g. lease agreement) with you. If all your papers are in order, you will get your address card immediately on the spot.

Government Windows in the 8th district:

1082 Budapest Baross utca 59.

1087 Budapest Kerepesi út 2-6. (at Keleti railway station)

Visit the National Election Office’s official website for more details.


What we have done
We are working to tackle the housing crisis and put an end to homelessness: we have renovated more than 200 social housing units and set up a housing agency that includes both public and privately owned apartments. Our housing application system serves people living in housing poverty.

Our award-winning Inclusive Kindergartens project brought innovative and free services for our children, including vegetable and fruit programs, Hungarian courses for non-native speakers. We addressed the shortage of educators. We renovated 5 kindergartens in five years.

Social support
In a country where the government lets the most vulnerable people suffer, we have redesigned our social support system to help those in need – we provide financial assistance for utilities, housing and we help families with children in many ways. Solidarity should be what our district is known for. 
Greener district
We have renovated and redesigned many public spaces. There are more green areas, more spaces for walking and more bicycle lanes. We aim to let the district breathe and let people use our common spaces for socializing, playing, doing sports – living!
While national politics is becoming more and more authoritarian, we involve citizens in our decisions, because we believe that democracy only exists if we all do it together. We have introduced participatory budgeting, where local people decide about how the municipality should spend 180 M HUF.

renovated apartments

million HUF spent on inclusive kindergartens

HUF housing benefit for those in need

square meters of new green space

million HUF participatory budget


While the national ruling party has vast resources, we rely mostly on our local activists and grassroots support. Exercise your right to vote as a member of the Józsefváros community, stand for our cause and vote for me, András Pikó on June 9, 2024.

Together, let’s shape a Józsefváros that reflects the voice of its people.

Let’s stay in touch!

If you have any questions regarding your right to vote, contact the campaign of András Pikó at: